FDC Enterprises Grasslands Services Updated:01/2015

FDC Enterprises, Inc. is the nation's premier provider of conservation services and green biofuels/ bioproducts. Since 2003, we have established over 260,000 acres of native grasses across 26 states, mechanically removed over 5,000 acres of invasive woody species, applied over 350,000 acres of herbicide and successfully managed over 100,000 acres of existing CRP, CREP and WRP.

Additionally, we have been awarded 2 US Department of Energy (DOE) grants to develop industrial scale methods for efficiently collecting, harvesting, storing and transporting feedstock to be used for biofuels and bioproducts. We are currently involved in 4 major dedicated energy crop projects and 6 direct-fire biofeedstock projects across the nation.

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