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Ecosystem Marketplace
Ecosystem Marketplace, a project of Forest Trends, is a leading source of news, data, and analytics on markets and payments for ecosystem services (such as water quality, carbon sequestration, and biodiversity). We believe that by making accessible information on policy, finance, regulation, science, business, and other market-relevant factors, markets for ecosystem services will one day become a fundamental part of our economic system, helping give value to environmental services that, for too long, have been taken for granted. In providing free reliable market information, we hope not only to facilitate transactions (thereby lowering transaction costs), but also to catalyze new thinking, spur the development of new markets and the infrastructure that supports them, and achieve effective and equitable nature conservation.
Markets depend on transparent and reliable information to function. What is true for investors on Wall Street is equally true for environmental market players trading in carbon, water quality, and biodiversity.
Unfortunately, obtaining information for these markets can sometimes be exceedingly difficult. In many ways they resemble the Wall Street of the 1800s – with information closely guarded by those who profit from it – rather than the stock markets of today.  But markets grow and evolve, and they do so, in part, because of the transformative power of reliable and transparent information. Providing such information is the role of Ecosystem Marketplace.
Forest Carbon Portal
Ecosystem Marketplace’s Forest Carbon Portal is a clearinghouse of information, feature stories, event listings, project details, ‘how-to’ guides, news, and market analysis on forest-based carbon sequestration projects.
Deforestation and land-use change are responsible for 13-17% of the world’s human-driven greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity decline, and an incredible loss of ‘ecological capital.’ Discussions of how to incorporate forestry and agriculture more fully into cap-and-trade schemes and voluntary carbon markets are moving at a rapid pace, and the quick evolution of the discourse – combined with data gaps and a lack of knowledge of the capacity-building activities being organized around the world – has called for a centralized hub of information to which stakeholders can turn. For these reasons, we created the Forest Carbon Portal.
Launched at the December 2008 UN Climate Conference of the Parties in Poznan, Poland, this satellite site to Ecosystem Marketplace exists to fill knowledge and ‘market intelligence’ gaps with the goal of stimulating progressive land-based carbon market offset projects policy in the regulated markets, and successful pilot projects in the voluntary markets. It is designed for the investor, the student, the policymaker, the project developer, the analyst, the broker, the retailer, and the conservationist. In other words, if you have an interest in land-based carbon sequestration, these resources are for you.

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