McLan Electronics, Inc. Updated:04/2016

McLan Electronics is one of few companies that offer Total Solar Solutions with an emphasis on developing products for rugged and harsh environments... McLan utilizes High Efficiency Solar Cells combined with our Proprietary Encapsulation Process and Superior Electronic Design to assure the best possible combination of ruggedness, efficiency and dependability...

  • Electronic Design of Product
  • Design and Production of Substrates
  • Supply and Cut Cells to Product Specifications
  • Stringing,Tabbing, Bussing and Placement of Cells in Substrate
  • Pre-Testing of Array to Product Specifications    PROPRIETARY Encapsulation Process
  • Final Environment and Electrical Testing of Product

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Contact McLan Electronics, Inc.

7770 Jackson Raymond Rd
Raymond, MS  39154
Phone: (601) 373-2392
Fax: (601) 372-4229

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Statewide service provider in:
  • Mississippi