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Arbor Shield, our patented technology, is a protective web of interconnected L-shaped trident prongs made from galvanized steel intended for reforestation campaigns and regeneration of pastures, forests and groves. There are several other applications such as security in homes and public property.

AS protects plants and new seedlings against animal action, compatible with pruning, quick to assemble and disassemble and can be reused in other trees. Can be installed without pruning bushes and during any season even in dry soils.

Environmentally friend and easy to install. Reuse Arbor Shield for over 100 years!

Arbor Shield is an environmentally conscious product that is designed to help regenerate and expand the forestal ecosystem of the world. With our patented technology, we are able to help newly planted trees grow naturally and organically, without interference from pastured livestock or wildlife.

We recognize the importance of maintaining the forestal ecosystem and make it perfectly compatible with livestock management. We have been working in Spain for several years to help rebuild the “dehesa” ecosystem, a multifunctional agro-sylvo-pastoral system and cultural landscape of southern and central Spain and southern Portugal. This regenerative system can easily be exported throughout the world to other ecosystems and we are here to help you rebuild your agro-forest land.

Arbor Shield has several other applications ranging from private and public property security to highway safety.


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