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Wild Acre Farms is a small homestead farm that values organic and sustainable farming practices. We specialize is raising 100% organic pesticide free, heirloom fruits and vegetables, gourmet mushrooms, and free range eggs.

By raising heirloom vegetables we are helping to preserve the genetic diversity of the food we eat and ensuring that these wonderful veggies that our grandparents grew up on are still around for our children and grandchildren. Our Garden produce is all grown without plowing the land in vermin-compost rich organic soil, raised beds that are teaming microorganisms and earthworms that benefit plant growth.

Our poultry are Heritage breeds that produce lovely tasting huge brown eggs that are a delight to cook with. All of our chickens live in a free range outside area near our home. They are shamefully tame and behave much more like family pets than farm animals ;) They love to follow me around the farm especially when I’m working in the garden. We also have several hives of bees on our farm and, like everything else, are organic and pesticide free. Having the bees helps pollinate our fruits and vegetables and we have the added advantage of getting locally produced honey in the fall. We leave our upper pasture (5-6 acres) natural and un-mowed to insure that the bees have plenty of flowers to visit when the garden is not in bloom. You would be AMAZED at how many of the “weeds” that you are always pulling up are actually gorgeous NATIVE WILD FLOWERS if you just let them grow!!


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