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Marstel-Day, LLC has strong environmental management and conservation qualifications in both the public and private sectors. Our team brings to our clients over 400 years of combined experience in resolving complex environmental and land management issues, by utilizing innovative solutions and partnering strategies. Here are some of the services we are currently providing to our clients:

  • Advisory and Strategic Planning Studies
  • Change Management
  • Community Involvement
  • Compliance and Permitting
  • Conservation Conveyance
  • Encroachment Partnering, Planning and Base Buffering
  • Institutional Studies
  • Land Management
  • National Environmental Policy Act Analyses (EISs/EAs)
  • Net Environmental Benefits Assessments
  • Policy Development and Legislative Analyses
  • Pollution Prevention Studies
  • Risk Assessment
  • Socioeconomic Studies
  • Workshops/Presentations

Marstel-Day is intimately familiar with environmental laws and newly promulgated federal, state, regional and local Environment, Safety and Occupational Health (ESOH) regulations, policies and codes with which property transferees must comply. We understand the intricacies of environmental regulatory programs and the unique challenges of conserving sensitive habitats when remediating environmental contamination.

In the field of conservation consulting, we specialize in the conveyance of excess and surplus federal property for permanent conservation or recreational reuse, thereby helping to realize the potential for these underutilized assets to be transformed into land of permanent conservation value.

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