Riparian and Wetlands Specialists Serving Mississippi
Association of State Wetland Managers
- Windham, ME
C&S Environmental Consulting
Buford E. Collier - Senior Environmental Project Manager - Kilgore, TX
Charles “Bo” Collins
Sunrise Fisheries, Inc. - Fisheries Biologist - Lake Village, AR
Dave Neu
Davey Resource Group, Inc. - Project Developer - Long Grove, IL
DHM Design
- Denver, CO
Ducks Unlimited
Dale James - Manager of Conservaiton Planning and Land Protection Coordinator - Ridgeland, MS
Ducks Unlimited
- Memphis, TN
Fogarty Land and Environmental
Michael Fogarty - Earth Scientist - Canaan, NH
FTN Associates, Ltd.
Gary Tucker - Little Rock, AR
Headwaters, Inc.
- Walt Dinkelacker - Ridgeland, MS
James Ballard
Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commision - Sport Fish Restoration Administrative Program Coordinator - Ocean Springs, MS
Jason Theriot
The Earth Partners - Houston, TX
Jerry Williamson
Sunrise Fisheries - Aquaculturalist and Certified Fishery Scientist - Lake Village, AR
Kagan Davis
FTN Associates Ltd. - Ecologist - Fayetteville, AR
Living Habitats LLC
Heidi Natura, PLA, ASLA, LEED AP - Principal & CEO - Chicago, IL
Lower Mississippi River Conservation Committee
Angeline Rodgers - Acting Coordinator - Vicksburg, MS
Lower Mississippi River Fisheries Coordination Office
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Vicksburg, MS
Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture
Keith McKnight - Coordinator - Vicksburg, MS
Marstel-Day, LLC
- Fredericksburg, VA
Mason, Bruce & Girard, Inc.
- Portland, OR
Maximized Water Management LLC
William (Bill) Fuchs - Owner - Chester, ID
Professional Wetland Services, Inc
- Peggy Porter Holliday, PWS - Vicksburg, MS
Society for Range Management
- Littleton, CO
Spring Creek Aquatic Concepts
Bradden Kerr - Senior Fishery Biologist - Tualatin, OR
Trout Headwaters, Inc.
- Livingston, MT
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
- Washington, DC
Wetland Consulting Services, Inc.
- Robert Anderson - Hattiesburg, MS